Our School Policies


Arrival and dismissal

Our school hours are 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

  • School doors open at 8:15. For safety’s sake, please do not drop children at school earlier than 8:15. Students will not be allowed to enter the building before 8:15 unless a specific faculty member has agreed to supervise the individual scholar.

  • At 8:15, scholars can enter through the Patten Street auditorium door or the main door on Walk Hill Ave.

  • Breakfast will be provided at 8:15 to 8:30 AM for K2-8th grade scholars. K1 scholars eat breakfast in their classroom.

  • After 8:30 AM students are late for school and should enter through the front door on Walk Hill Street, sign in and get a late pass from the school secretary before going to class.

  • Dismissal is at 3:00 PM. Walkers exit out of the Walk Hill Street door. Families are welcome to enjoy the playground after school but note that teachers are no longer in charge of supervision after dismissal. Please supervise your child.

  • Bus students exit through the Patten Street doors. Please remind your child that appropriate and respectful behavior on the bus is essential. Behavior endangering the safety of the scholars on the bus will not be tolerated and may result in suspension from the bus.

  • Please send a written note to the homeroom teacher with any changes in afternoon dismissal procedures. If you call the office to make a change, please do so before 2:00pm at the latest.

Early Dismissals

Early dismissals are disruptive and should be avoided whenever possible. Please make every effort to schedule appointments for non-school hours. If an early dismissal is unavoidable, we ask that notification be given as far in advance. In addition, the parent or guardian must sign the student out in the Main Office before removing the student from school grounds. Families are encouraged to consider the class period start and ending times when determining early dismissal requests. A student must attend school for at least a half-day to be marked present.


In order for our academic program to be successful, it is absolutely essential that students be present in school on a consistent basis. Excellent attendance and school success go hand in hand. The more often a student is absent—even if the absence is unavoidable—the harder it is for the student to keep up with the class. Students must be in school for at least ½ of the school day to be marked present for the day. 5 It is very important that if a child is going to be absent that the parent or guardian call the school to inform us and/or send a note the following day. For an absence to be excused, a parent or guardian must either call the school or send in a note indicating the reason for the absence. If there is no communication with the family the absence will be considered unexcused.

BPS policy states that more than four unexcused absences per trimester will result in no credit (NC) for the trimester even if the student was otherwise passing the class.

If total unexcused absences for the year do not exceed 12 days, the NC will be changed at the end of the year to the grade the student would have otherwise earned. Excessive, unexcused absences can jeopardize promotion or may necessitate summer school.

Not all absences are automatically excused even with a parent phone call or note.

Examples of excused absences include illness or injury, death in the immediate family, or religious holidays.

Examples of unexcused absences include chronic or repetitive absences due to illness without verification from a health care provider, family vacations, or trips to homelands.

Please be sure to check with the school if you have any questions regarding this policy.

When excessive absences exceed what is allowed, school staff will make every effort to reach out, and meet with families to resolve the situation. If these actions do not resolve the situation, we will report to the BPS Supervisors of Attendance who often bring chronic attendance cases to Boston Juvenile Court for resolution.

If your child is absent from school, you will receive an automated call from our School Messenger service.



Late arrivals disrupt class for all students in the class and therefore should be avoided if possible. Students who are regularly late miss instruction and often struggle with their first period class.

Students late to school should enter through the front door, and then go to the Main Office to sign in and get a late pass, before proceeding to their classroom.

In the case of chronic tardiness, we will reach out to families in an effort to resolve the situation. Chronically late upper school students may be held for after school detention if other attempts to resolve the issue have been unsuccessful.

School cancellations

In the event of poor weather conditions such as heavy snow, please check your local television or radio stations for relevant information regarding school cancellation. In addition, BPS sends automated messages re: school closings.